How to Recover Forgotten MSN Password after Forgot?

Why MSN password recovery?

MSN password recovery is important for every user because a password allows access to the account. Passwords are needed to be recovered when you have forgotten them.

It also happens when you change your password and get confused with the older and new ones. When you change your device, it might be possible that you forget your password.

Such a situation is very stressful when you are not able to remember the password. It is a common thing and can happen to anyone.

Through some simple steps, you can recover the password.

MSN password recovery free is important

MSN password recovery free is crucial as it allows you to connect to the internet and get apps for mobile and Windows.

Without the internet and apps, you cannot imagine working. Especially those who work from home need both the internet and apps.

In other words, it is a gateway to connect to the world. Without the internet, you cannot imagine the day. MSN passwords play an important role in taking you to the internet.

Steps to MSN password recovery:

These are steps for MSN password recovery free.

  1. Go to the next step after opening the browser.
  2. Jump to the password recovery page.
  3. Click forgot your password.
  4. Three options will be visible to you. First, asking why you can’t connect? Second, asking whether you have forgotten your password? and third, if you doubt that someone is using your account?
  5. After choosing the first option, you will be asked to fill in your Skype ID, phone number, and username. Type CAPTCHA and proceed further.
  6. After choosing the second option, you will get a tip, and make sure you try it. Fill in the same details mentioned in the above step. After typing the CAPTCHA, proceed further.
  7. After choosing the third option, you will be required to choose a reason from the menu. Fill in the same details as mentioned before this step.

Here you can either listen or read CAPTCHA. Continue the remaining process to recover the password.

MSN Password recovery free tips:

  • It is advisable to change your password after a certain time to make sure it is not used by someone else.
  • When you use a different device, don’t forget to change the password after it.
  • Change password of all MSN-related services, not just one.
  • If you feel you will not be able to remember passwords, go for a password manager that will help you to remember your changed passwords.
  • If you feel that you are not able to recover the password due to any reason, contact Microsoft certified professionals.
  • For support, you can rely on Microsoft certifies professionals. They are available 24 hours throughout the year. You can either use a toll-free number or contact them via chat and e-mail.


Password recovery is easy. Whenever there is a problem, you can contact Microsoft certified professionals.

Password should be managed carefully to avoid its misuse. Follow the mentioned tips and steps to recover the password.

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